Clearwater Physical Therapy

Nikki Kimball, MSPT

Nikki Kimball, MSPT joined Clearwater Physical Therapy in the summer of 2015 after 17 years of outpatient practice in upstate New York and Livingston, Montana.

She has a particular interest in the treatment of athletes and is the co-creator of “The Running Clinic” in Lake Placid, New York, a multi-disciplinary health screening service aimed to decrease injury rates in running athletes. She is ASTYM certified, and frequently uses this soft tissue mobilization technique to facilitate rapid and lasting recovery for people with sports, job-related or repetitive strain injuries.

Nikki is also a professional athlete with eight national championship titles and 14 U.S. National Team appointments across three running disciplines. She was undefeated in ultra trail racing for 7 years and was named North American Ultrarunner of the Year three times. She has contributed several articles about running injury prevention and treatment to “Runner’s World” magazine, and has been a member of their advisory board since 2006. She’s appeared in multiple films and is the star of the 2015 documentary “Finding Traction,” which chronicles her record winning run of Vermont’s 273 mile Long Trail.

Nikki Kimball