Clearwater Physical Therapy

Custom Bike Fit

Clearwater Physical Therapy is pleased to offer custom bike fitting in our clinic. A properly adjusted bike is essential to a comfortable and safe riding experience. Correct body position on the bike can prevent injury, eliminate pain, and even improve performance.

Why have a Physical Therapist perform your bike fit?

Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to perform bike fits due to their thorough understanding of biomechanical motion and posture. Every one of our physical therapists loves to ride and race bikes. A bike fit at Clearwater Physical Therapy includes a comprehensive musculoskeletal assessment where the strength and flexibility of your bike specific muscles and joints are evaluated. If any limitations are identified, we can prescribe specific interventions to improve your comfort and efficiency on the bike.

What does a bit fit entail?

Following a musculoskeletal assessment, we will perform a stationary assessment of your position and posture on the bike. Next we evaluate your dynamic cycling mechanics. We may adjust your cleat position, seat height and alignment, handlebar height, or grip position. We may recommend new bike components such as a different length stem or handlebar width that would be most appropriate for your body size or position. Finally, we will prescribe individualized stretches or strengthening exercises to address any pain or dysfunction identified during the fit.

How long does a bike fit take?

Typically, the fit will last about 1 hour. A follow-up appointment may be necessary to evaluate the changes or make further adjustments.

What do I need to bring to a bike fit appointment?

In addition to the bike you would like to have fit, please bring your cycling shoes, and bike appropriate clothing (tights/spandex shorts are ideal).

What is the cost of a bike fit?

If you are having pain while riding, the cost of a fitting may be covered by your medical insurance company. If insurance does not cover your fit, our cash pay rate is $100 for the first appointment and $80 for any follow up appointments. To schedule a bike fit please call us at 585-3701.